ORAM’s new web site launches!

We’ve got a new web site and now the ability for us to blog and everyone to comment.  Should be fun…

16 thoughts on “ORAM’s new web site launches!”

  1. Good on you guys. I would love to be on the ride with ya but no intercontinental travel at the moment 🙂 We wish you a safe voyage and will follow your adventures! Hope you guys have plenty to eat in that big box of yours. Post plenty of pictures too.
    PS Gail calls it the Do Or Die Tour. I call it inspirational.

  2. Exciting! First day getting to start. Hope all is going well. When do you throw a leg over? Have you been pulled over yet???? Do you have a gun?

    1. All is well so far, working out all the bugs with the rig and organizing things. Throwing a leg over on Monday morning. Currently a 100 miles south of Portland on our way up to Anacortes, WA. We’ll be posting as much as we can. Stay tuned, love the feedback.

      1. Fast is Fun Eddie! We will enjoy following you across America. May the wind be at your back. Walt & Sal

  3. Awe today was a tough one from Newhalem to Winthrop I’m sure, hope you’re enjoying the beauty of the Cascades

    1. Yes, very much enjoying the ride thru the cascades!! Incredible country and best seen by a bike.

  4. It’s been a week without a report. 3rd of June now. I guess your too busy riding? Hope all is going well. We should have put a GPS tracker on the evil one.

  5. Wish you all a continued safe ride across America. Rhonda, I absolutely love reading your posts on Facebook. You’re very articulate and I can almost feel I’m with you (of course while sitting on my living room sofa) and learning so much through your writings. Photos are beautiful too. Keep us posted!!!

    1. We are in Thompson, IL right now. Living the dream, three days of over 60 miles, feeling it.

  6. Okay It’s good to see you guys are motoring along I’ve now mapped your travels until the July 1 post, I must say it’s going great as for your distance traveled, congratulations enjoy your 4TH, be safe keep on rolling

  7. Wow you guys are still doing well despite some tough weather, keep on cruising it’s great to chart the maps. I have a question how did you get from Kewanee, IL to Germantown, IL and also from Gridley, IL to Onarca,IL it’s not posted

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