Catching up:

With all the crap hitting us the first few days I haven’t had time to get this going so here’s a recap…

Participants : The principles are Dale Schroeder, Rhonda Gomez and Evil Eddie Terchunian.

Intro: This idea started more than 3 years ago back in 2017. I’m not sure what made me do this. Most of the time Dale suggests something I just say yes and try to figure it out later. The more we talked about it the better I liked the idea. Of course this was me being naive. Little did I know what I was in for. For that matter I can still only guess what will be next.

We’re traveling in my new-ish 5th wheel pulled by the F 550. We spent lots of time and money getting the rig ready. Solar panels and new batteries installed. A new 3500 watt generator to run the A/C units and power the rig when we’re dry camping.

There are several systems we had to learn and lots of small modifications. All in all that part turn out well.

The real challenge was this Covid thing. I was in pretty good maintenance shape in early March. With the gym closing and my own procrastination my schedule was thrown off. Not just thrown off, completely annihilated. From 4 days a week down to one. The result was a soft and weak Evil Eddie.

Now we can get into the real story.

Evil out!

Day 1: Singing in the rain

Day 2: Once in a lifetime

This is still fairly low on Mt Rainey. By the time we get near the top the snow is still thick. Roads are clear and mostly dry. This is where I first started to realize that the air was thinner.

Day 3: When you need a break

Day 4: Who do you complain to when you get lost?

Day 5: And the beat goes on

Day Five and no real let up. 3700′ of climb over the first 15 miles. Right out of the gate, 100yds of warmup. Most of the way was 5-7 deg. with a smattering of 7 and 8. A total of 42 miles. We went over Sherman Pass (5575′). Started in Republic and finished in Kettle Falls.

I think I’m finally getting a little stronger but it still hurts.

We have an easier day tomorrow into Sandpoint ID. Then a much anticipated day off.

I’ll try to do a week synopsis on Sunday. WiFi has been spotty, I hope it improves.

Evil out!