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Every dream has a beginning…

…and this is ours.

After doing several organized bike rides all over the country and a couple longer epic one-day rides like Seattle-to-Portland (STP) double-century, Ride Around Mt. Rainier in One Day (RAMROD) 154 miles and 10000ft of climbing and several one-week adventures with Cycle America and Adventure Cycling, I had to think, ‘what is the next big challenge and what could be the next epic ride?’ The primary challenge, of course, is getting enough time (usually from an employer) and then putting together the finances, organizing and then executing. Achieving the first three that are happening now, the last one will begin on May 25, 2020. Our Ride Across America (ORAM) was born.

We’ve chosen the ‘Northern Tier’ route from Anacortes, WA to Montauk, Long Island.  The route itself is defined quite well by the Adventure Cycling organization Northern Tier maps.  They show many different bicycle-friendly routes and detailed information on bicycle-specific services like camping, laundry, bike shops and online access to current information on hazards and word-of-mouth current events.  A rough overview of the route goes thru Washington, Idaho, Montana and a brief stint up to Canada, Glacier Park, and the rest we still need to define for ourselves.  The planned time-frame schedule would be approximately 9 weeks.  The various metrics for the ride are 3200 miles, 51000ft of elevation gain, average of 59 miles/day, 6 days/week,1 rest day/week.

For now, we have three committed persons: me (Dale Schroeder), Ed Terchunian and Rhonda Gomez. Others have committed to figuring out where they can join-in, as we are all aware it’s tough to get enough time out of life to dedicate 9 weeks to do just this, but joining us for at least some parts is great. So, we welcome anyone who would like to join us, either riding or traveling along. We’ll workout the logistics as we go.

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-Dale Schroeder

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